Snow French Alps Know Allergies

Know Allergies started on the best day of snowboarding our founder had ever seen.

MT. Baker, Washington. 17 feet of snow in 4 days.

Our founder Amos, who has a peanut allergy, was on a snowboard trip in beautiful Washington state with his childhood friend. After hours of incessant shredding hunger set in. With no one interested in getting out of their bindings,Amos' friend offered him a granola bar that he'd always stayed away from (due to ingredient uncertainty). But on this day of all days, hunger pushed Amos to take a chance eating it, despite the vague allergen statement. Moments later when they were half way up the lift, anaphylaxis began kicking in and his throat began to close up. Luckily, Amos was able to reach the car in time to take proper medicine before it became a serious problem. Four hours later, while sitting on the lift again, he dreamed of a bar that simply said "NO PEANUTS" across the front. That's when KNOW ALLERGIES and the dream for safer snacking was born. The USDA does not require anyone to declare the potential allergens in a product! It is simply recommended. Our bars are for everyone, but ESPECIALLY for the ones with food allergies. Our goal is simply to make it clear and easy. Having a food allergy at any time just isn't worth the trouble.